Crossfit is a big fad right now in the fitness world. Some believe that it is the ultimate calorie and fat burner, but experts are mixed on this claim. While some claim that it is the highest cardio calorie burner, others claim that it is a bunch of bunk. While it is up to every person to decide which exercise routine work for he or she, the information is worth knowing to help you make up your mind.


Crossfit isn’t really the high calorie burner that many believe it to be. While it is a great workout, studies have shown that the average American man only burns around 500 calories per hour. While this is still more than walking on a treadmill, it is significantly less than HIIT, cross training, or even Zumba in some cases. However, you are using muscles with Crossfit that you will not use with other exercises. It is a fair trade off for those who are looking to tone up and work muscles that they may not have known existed, but for those who are looking to burn fat and calories, other exercises may reign far superior.


Cycling is a huge calorie burner – a 160 lb. man can burn an average of 800 per hour! Whether you cycle indoors or out, you can get a great workout while not feeling like you are straining yourself.


Jumping rope is also a huge calorie burner, with an average of 850 calories per hour burned with a 160 lb. man. Jumping rope may have been a fun activity when you were a kid, and today it is not only fun, but also a great way to get a full body workout.


Swimming is also a great calorie burner, and it is perfect for summer. Swimming is a great way to work your core, arms, and back, and you will not sweat whist doing it, which is a big plus for some. The average 160 lb. man burns around 840 calories per hour in the pool.


Zumba isn’t just for women; it is an experience that everyone should try! You can have fun shaking, thrusting, and sliding your way to fitness, with an average of 700 calories per hour burned.


While the treadmill is the old standby for gym fitness, its neighbor the elliptical should not be overlooked. You are getting a great calorie-burning workout with the running-esque motion. This burns an average of 600 calories per hour, and it is not nearly as monotonous as a treadmill.


For those who are not dancers, and are not swimmers, water aerobics is a great way to get fit. Water aerobics is also great for those with bad joints and arthritis, as well as those who are obese and need a good way to burn calories. The average male burns around 400 calories per hour.

Crossfit is all the rage, but it isn’t the biggest calorie burner around. While others burns more calories, it is ultimately up to you to decide which workouts work best for you.