Can you cycle with a chest cold? As a general rule, yes you can cycle with a chest cold. Should you avoid cycling when suffering from a chest cold? In some instances, you should. One of the most important things you can do to overcome a chest cold or viral illness is rest and relaxation. Rest and relaxation are especially important if you are feeling weak, fatigued, or feverish. However, there are times when you feel worse if you don’t’ get your exercise. In those instances, you are tired and grumpy from being cooped up, or your illness is in the later stages and you are feeling better. If you are considering cycling with a chest cold, there are some additional aspects to consider. Let’s explore those considerations next.

Necessary Supplies

The first consideration when you cycle with a chest cold is to take additional cough drops and water with you. You can become dehydrated during the ride and carrying fluids with you will be important. in addition, you have an inhaler or other medications, you may want to take some along with you on the ride.

Carry a Phone

Be sure to take your cell phone with you. If you would happen to get weak or too fatigued to make it back to your destination, you need to be able to call for assistance. There is also the possibility when cycling with a chest cold that you can develop breathing problems. If the congestion in your lungs has you extremely congested, you can have trouble breathing and need emergency medical assistance in that instance, it imperative that you have a cell phone with you always.

Worsening Symptoms

When cycling with a chest cold, your symptoms can worsen. The following are signs to look for including body aches, headache, sore throat, fever, watery eyes, runny nose, coughing, and soreness in the chest with or without coughing. If you are experiencing several of these symptoms, you should avoid cycling for a few days.

Go with a Friend

If you go cycling with a chest cold, go with a friend. That way you have a backup if you would happen to have breathing problems or become too weak to continue. It is safer to have a friend along than it would be to go out alone. It is especially important that you go with another person if you are going out in inclement weather.

Choose a Less Intense Route

Pedaling up a hill will be difficult with a chest cold. The intensity needed to get up the hill is too much and can exasperate your chest cold. The tightness in your chest could lead to a coughing fit that would leave you weaker than you already were. It would be better to choose a flat route and take a relaxing ride versus a competition route.

In Conclusion

Should you cycle with a chest cold? When you are suffering from a chest cold, it can be better to avoid cycling for a few days. However, if you wish to get out on the road anyway, there are several steps you can take to avoid making your breathing more difficult and making your chest cold worse.