Mud is something that we all deal with from time to time – even if you are a pavement cyclist. It can be hard to remove from out bike and out clothing. It is possible – and with the right knowledge, technique, and product you can save your kit from a muddy end.

Choose The Right Colors

From the start, you can avoid muddy issues. Choosing a lighter colored clothing or bike can cause you a lot of pain when it comes to removing mud, versus darker clothing. If you or your club just loves the stand-out nature of an all-white skinsuit, there are ways to keep it looking fresh.

Pre-Spray ASAP

Before you walk inside, get out of your kit (at least wrap up in a towel!), then hose down your skinsuit, jersey and/or shorts. A Pressure washer works best, but not all of us own one, so a hard spraying water hose is a good alternative.

Pre-Treat Right After

While hand washing is always your best bet for delicate cycling clothing, we don’t always have the time to do it – or we just simply do not want to mess with it. For lazier riders, pre-treating with a stain removing stick or bleach pen is the painless way to get your gear ready for the soak cycle. Just make sure that you can use a bleach pen on the fabric if you intend to – check the label first.

Don’t Let It Dry Dirty!

A dry kit is a lost cause, usually. Never let your clothing and gear dry caked in mud. It will set in the fabric, and getting it out will be nearly impossible, sans the help of a good dry cleaner. Instead, sticking it in a plastic bag and sealing it post-ride or post-race, and keeping it damp until you can wash it.

Extra Soak, Please!

An extra soak with warm water can help loosen stubborn mud stains. Many washing machines have this setting – and if yours does not, just pre-soak it in the kitchen sink.

Rinse – and Rinse Again

A double-rinse is also great for getting out gunk – and for keeping the bad bacteria away. Again, this is something that many washing machines have, but if not, just turn on the rinse cycle after the machine has finished. This allows you to make sure that the gunk, bad bacteria, and chamois creams are gone from your clothing – as they can hang onto clothing, even after a hot wash. Scary, huh?