Does your partner like cycling? If not, what can you do to instill the love of cycling in your partner? Enjoying an activity with our partner can build a strong relationship. Having that activity be one that gets you both in the great outdoors and getting some much-needed exercise is a double reward for the two of you. However, the downside of pushing an activity that you love on your partner can drive a wedge in your relationship. If you have just begun dating, be careful hat your partner is not agreeing to give it a try and pretend to like it to please you. On the other hand, they might start out not liking it the first time, but repeated cycling could result in a change of heart.

Steps to Get Your Partner to Love Cycling

To propose a joint cycling event, you need to remember you are dealing with a novice. This is not the time to drag them to your “pro” cycling group or to the top of your favorite mountain trail. Why not? Your partner may not have cycled since they were in grade school, you like this person, you want them to keep liking you, and you hope they learn to enjoy a sport that you love.

Take it Slow

You are not joining the UCI tour. Don’t act like it. For your first ride together pick a flat route with limited turns. As you are cycling together, don’t spring ahead to leave your partner alone, frustrated, and miserable. Remember, you hope that this is the first of many rides together.

Take Lots of Breaks

The first step to get your partner to love cycling is to take lots of breaks. During this first route, let your partner take several breaks. Their muscles will not be built up like yours. What feels like sitting still for you, may be strenuous for them. Take time to enjoy the scenery. Don’t inundate them with excessive cycling talk.

Explain Things

Tell your partner how to turn, when to break, what to do if they get out of control, and steps to take if they end up in traffic. Don’t skip the details. Remember, when you were a child you learned in your driveway or back and forth down the road in front of your house.

Teach Your Partner to Stop

The next step to get your partner to love cycling is to teach your partner to stop. Your partner doesn’t need to know how to shift before they learn how to break. Break first. Speed second.

Destination Spot

Choose a destination spot for the middle of the ride. Think of a café, park, or another tourist spot where you can stop for 30 minutes or so to rest, talk, and answer any questions they might have about the ride back.

Offer Lessons

If your partner is having difficulty learning from you, but would still like to give cycling a go, get them lessons. Your skill level may intimidate them and make them feel inferior.

Don’t Talk Down

Your partner does not need you to talk down to them or to keep telling them, “everything”, to do Give them some space to figure out their way. It doesn’t matter if their posture is not road cycling ready the first day.

Be Patient

The last step to get your partner to love cycling is to be patient. Give your partner time to see if they enjoy the sport. Don’t put a lot of pressure on your partner. Consider learning to cycle the same as taking a leisurely stroll around the lake to feed the ducks and you will get a much better result.

In Conclusion

There is hope to get your partner to love cycling. If your partner is new to cycling, don’t rush things. By taking things slow, you can teach them the pleasures of cycling before the thrill of the ride.