Whether you have suffered from a poor diet, a round of antibiotics, or perhaps even a case of food poisoning, your gut health can suffer. Bad gut health impacts everything, from our mood to our skin, and yes  – our bowels. So, what can we do to reset it? It is simple and possible, and while not all aggravators can be avoided, you can reset your gut if you need to. Below are the best things that we can all do to help reset our gut health – stat!

Ask if Antibiotics Are Really Neceesary

Sometimes we really need to take a round of antibiotics – and sometimes we do not. If it is preventative, do not take it unless there is nothing else that you can do. If it is avoidable, try natural remedies to help your system fight bad bacteria, i.e. take probiotics. If you must take a round of antibiotics, be sure to start taking probiotics the day after your last dose.

Take Probiotics – And Eat Them, Too!

We all know about probiotic supplements, and you need to take these daily. But, did you know about foods that are high in good bacteria? You also need to eat these on a regular basis. Sauerkraut, lacto-fermented pickles, yogurt, and buttermilk are all high in good bacteria – which helps keep out gut health in check.

Cut Carbs & Sugar

Yes, birthday cake is yummy, and there is nothing wrong with a slice on your birthday. But, you need to cut the sugar and carbs in your life. Sugar and carbs breed bad bacteria, which not only cause bloating, gas, and indigestion, but they can throw your whole body off. You remember hearing as a teenager that chocolate can cause acne? Well, it’s not the chocolate per se, but some who are sugar-sensitive could suffer a breakout thanks to the bacteria imbalance in their gut.

Eat Prebiotics

These foods also help promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Onions, garlic, acacia gum, and chicory are all good sources of prebiotic fiber, so add them into your diet on a regular basis.

Drop Sodas – Even Sugar-Free Sodas

Even if it is sparkling water, drop it! Artificial sweeteners are just as bad on the gut as natural sugar. The carbonation can also cause problems, from gas, to bloating, and even an upset stomach. This throws your system even further out of whack – and no one wants that.

Should you do the above-mentioned to help improve gut health? Sure! But, if you are suffering from stomach pain, severe diarrhea, blood in your stool, or a fever, contact your doctor to rule out serious issues. While poor gut health can cause issues, these often signal something more severe than just poor digestion.