Do you wear a medical ID when cycling? When you are out cycling, you are frequently alone. However, even with a group of other cyclists, you may be at risk of a medical emergency. If you are alone or in an isolated area, the need for a medical ID item could save your life. Even in a well populated area with several friends, you should still have medical ID. In an emergency even, people that know you well can panic and forget to mention a vital piece of information to emergency personnel.

When Should You Carry a Medical ID?

When should you carry a medical ID? If you have a medical condition that is important for emergency workers or hospital personnel, you should wear a medical ID. What types of medical conditions require special care in a hospital setting? Some of the different conditions that you could suffer from that are relevant to your speedy and proper care include diabetes, heart conditions, blood thinning agents, allergies, asthma, and other types of conditions that if improper care is given, you could be subject to death or greater illness.


One type of medical identification that many people wear is documentation carried in a wallet. However, as a cyclist, you might not always carry your wallet due to how cumbersome the wallet is and no back pocket in your cycling shorts. As a result, it is even more important to physically wear some type of medical ID.


There are many options available for medical ID alerts in the form of jewelry. You can get a bracelet or necklace made in several different styles. These jewelry items can alert your medical condition to first responders. You can get a medical ID is classy to be worn on dressy occasions. Or, less formal in a dog tag design. The most important aspect of the jewelry is that the items is scratch resistant and durable so that the information stays readable. You can also have the item engraved with your name and birthday to additionally assist emergency workers as you may not have your driver’s license or ID on your person when cycling.

In Conclusion

To sum up, if you have a medical condition, you need to have medical ID. This is especially true if you require special treatment during an emergency, you need to have medical ID. You can’t depend on friends to remember important facts about you during an emergency. There are many medical ID options available to you. You can have a medical ID specifically made for you.