Do you need natural remedies for a migraine? When a migraine hits, you would do almost anything to rid yourself of a pounding headache, nausea, and sensitivity to sounds and lights. Do you spend days in bed with blackout curtains, no noise, and your head tucked under your pillow? If you do, you need natural remedies for migraines.

Natural Remedies for a Migraine

When a migraine hits you can take an over-the-counter migraine medication that includes caffeine. In some instances, these will work and in others, they don’t do anything for the pain. Not to mention, if you are against medication and would like to use a natural supplement, check out these natural migraine relievers.


Working out those balls of tight muscles and reducing your stress can go a long way to reducing the frequency and duration of migraines. Massage can help improve sleep and decrease cortisol. Both lack of sleep and cortisol can trigger migraines.


Another of the natural remedies for a migraine is yoga. Yoga can help reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of your migraines. How does it work? Yoga can improve your anxiety, reduce tension, and improve your vascular health. Many people who have migraines have what’s called migraine trigger points. With both yoga and massage, you can work to eliminate the tension in those trigger points.


Migraine and headache suffers are frequently discovered to have low levels of magnesium. You can either take a magnesium supplement to increase your magnesium level or eat more foods that contain magnesium. Some foods that contain magnesium include almonds, peanut butter, oatmeal, eggs, and milk.

Lavender Oil

The next of the natural remedies for a migraine is lavender oil. If you are in the middle of a migraine attack, you could reduce the intensity and duration of your migraine by inhaling lavender oil. Research has indicated that people who inhale lavender oil had faster relief from their migraines.


Again, going back to those migraine trigger points and relieving tension, you can try acupressure to relieve your migraines.


The last of the natural remedies for a migraine is ginger. Adding ginger to your diet can help with migraines. It has been discovered to reduce the severity of a migraine as well as the length for which a migraine lasts.

In Conclusion

If you suffer from frequent migraines, even one nasty one, you need relief fast. Try one of these natural remedies for a migraine the next time one hits. You will be glad that you did.