In comparison to other sports; mountain biking is just in an entirely different realm because of its awesomeness. You just can’t compare. What other sport tests your endurance and feeds your soul at the same time? What other sport fills you with adrenaline while also putting you in a meditative state?

No, there is no comparison to what it feels like to be a mountain biker.

The first most obvious reason that mountain biking is awesome is being out in the mystifying wilderness. You see crisp, sharp, rugged nature and feel the fresh, cool air against your face. You are warmed by the sun and your heart beats in rhythm with the vibrations of the rocks you crush and the dirt that you grind.

Mountain Biking Helps You Center Yourself

Research shows that those who are able to distance themselves from the noise and havoc of daily life to find reprieve in the tranquility of nature are happier, less stressed and more energetic.

Mountain Biking Builds Strength and Coordination

You tear through trails with cat-like agility; winding around bends and turns fearlessly. Mountain biking is about experiencing all that nature has to offer and meeting challenges along the way. You push through tricky situations and build strength and confidence with every trail you take.

Adventure Anyone?

I love mischief. You never know what to expect on the trail. Mountain biking is by nature a pretty adventurous sport, the mere mention of which evokes a certain spirit of exploration and risk-taking. And being adventurous inevitably makes you a much more interesting person. When asking a mountain biker about their weekend, instead of small talk you’ll often hear glorified tales of darting across rickety bridges, scaling treacherous peaks, dodging branches or the odd rabid animal and awkwardly returning to civilization covered in mud, stained with blood like a bad ass.

Mountain Biking Helps You Live Fearlessly

Mountain biking is exhilarating and relatively safe as extreme sports goes (throw back to the extreme everything of the 90’s). There is nothing quite like the rush of catching air and crushing a landing as you whirl through the woods. You never entirely know if you are going to be ready for the next obstacle or fall on your face. Mountain biking builds life skills in this way. It helps you tackle the fear of the unknown and build self esteem that you can and will take on anything that stands in your way!