Generally, when I think about mountain biking, I think about a solitary nature-nut with an athletic frame peddling with their rock-solid glutes through some steep, heavily forested terrain.

This is simply not the usual case anymore. Mountain biking has become an all out lifestyle for many and that mean, why not bring the whole fandamily along for the fun?

There are some definite logistical considerations to take into effect when mountain biking with the kids.

It’s best to plan ahead and research the best rated trails where you are planning to bike. you can go online and simply search something like, “safest mountain biking trails” and get some results. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to find some trails that are wider with a more novice terrain to go through.

Don’t be afraid to add a few obstacles here and there for fun. Parents can go check out a trail ahead of time and even hand pick the route with what obstacles they think their children can manage. Children will get a sense of confidence and improved coordination from being able to tackle some simple obstacles like fallen limbs or larger rocks and smaller, shallow streams.

Be sure to clothe the children in mountain biking friendly clothing. Avoid loose pant legs that can get caught in spokes and ensure that long socks are worn with a repellent for ticks.

Mountain biking as a family can have so many benefits for all of the family members. Children will be enchanted by the adventure and siblings will learn to work together. Kids will also hone their listening skills and learn the importance of safety and following the rules.

Teenage mountain bikers are also positively affected by having a hobby that improves fitness, encourages self-esteem and allows them to spend time with their parents as more of an equal. This outdoor experience and quality time is a sure-fire way to bring a family together in a healthy way.