If you mountain bike; REALLY mountain bike, then you know that you want to bring your other half out with you. Even if you gave up on the idea of it; at some point the thought flashed through your mind that it’s be nice to have a little romance out here on the trail.

Well this couple does just that. Try not to be too envious of this mountain biker love story;

According to a super sweet article on The couples that train together; remain together,

One cyclist says of her marriage;

To this day, I love the look of bewilderment I get from Mike when I sit in his draft for miles letting him suffer and then pass him at the base of a hill and beat him to the top. We enjoy a healthy banter of who is going to kick whose butt, even if it is mine that usually gets kicked. For us it is a game, and we actually consider it fun. Yes, I may be suffering towards the end of a hill climb but I am usually all smiles and laughter when it is finished and saying ‘heck yeah, I just conquered that hill.’ I feel sorry for the wife that does not get to share in the same passion or sport as a husband. It is truly a remarkable thing to share with others and be able to tell stories of all the crazy adventures we have had together by bicycle.

So get out there together and have fun, play, challenge each other, help each other, coach each other, guide each other, encourage each other and sometimes after a spill, hold each other through cycling as a couple.