I grew up in a very rural area. I would ride my bike down miles of snow mobile and ATV trails and rarely see a single person at all for years and years. I never really worried about crazy things happening; such as wild woodsmen, creepy lumberjacks, or big foot. I guess I am really lucky to have come out of my mountain biking blunders unscathed.

Because strange things happen on singletracks believe me!

According to a report on The Age.com, three mountain bikers in Australia were attacked by a man with a pole and his dog, and then were chased by him as he brandished a running chainsaw. The riders were injured and needed hospital treatment after the ordeal, which occurred on April 19 in the Dandenongs.

According to the report,

The man then allegedly assaulted two of the riders with a pole. “One [rider] was bitten by the dog,” Senior Constable Parsons said. He said the alleged attacker then left the scene, but returned a short time later with a running chainsaw. The riders managed to escape and contacted police, before going to hospital for treatment. One of the bikes was badly damaged during the incident, police said.

I will definitely have to do a follow up segment on self defense for mountain bikers!

I have also been finding an increase in stories about hikers setting “booby traps” for mountain bikers that are beyond being a prank. These are some seriously dangerous situations for mountain bikers; particularly night riders.

A horrified rider discovery the lethal trap along a Delamere Forest trail and posted the image to Facebook to warn of the dangers.The posts are reportedly sapling supports from when the trees were planted. Twelve 50 bikes in Frodsham, which shared the image on Facebook, said:

 “Hopefully this is an isolated incident but if anyone does see anything dodgy going on then please report it.”

It seems there was a rash of trail terrorism cases in the news, which understandably left many mountain bikers feeling uneasy. And these trail booby traps weren’t just showing up in a particular part of the country; everywhere from North Carolina and North Dakota to Colorado, New Jersey, and the United Kingdom have been hit in the past 18 months, seemingly at random. There was even a false report of a trap targeting mountain bikers in Alberta, Canada, which only added to the anger and confusion within the mountain bike community.

Be careful out there. I do not know why there are people on this earth that set traps to hurt people that they do not even know. One would think that they could find better things to do. Bikers beware of monsters when you’re mountain biking.