If you google mountain biking and waterfalls, for some reason everything is about western North Carolina. In fact, there is a place called the land of waterfalls in Transylvania County, Brevard, North Carolina.

Now, for some reason this summons up the idea of being on an episode of HBO’s Trublood rather than mountain biking. Trublood is a show about southern accented Vampires.

World-class mountain biker Adam Craig calls Pisgah National Forest “definitely one of the top three places in the universe I’ve ever ridden. Maybe the best one.” BIKE Magazine chose Transylvania County as headquarters for their annual gear guide tests because “Brevard is ground zero for some of the best riding in the nation.” Famed road cyclist George Hincapie has spent years training on the challenging climbs and exhilarating descents of the county’s epic backroads. And Brevard College’s Cycling Team has won the Division II Collegiate Mountain Bike Championship three out of the last four years.

DuPont’s waterfalls formed approximately 450 million years ago, when an island chain crashed into the North American continent near Dillsboro, N.C., and caused the first of three upheavals that would dramatically alter Transylvania’s landscape. According to Dr. James Reynolds, a geology professor at Brevard College, the islands slid to a stop near present-day DuPont where Brevard, the county seat, is located.

Millions of years later, a second collision occurred when another island chain hit North America farther south. While these preliminary crashes were instrumental in creating Transylvania’s mountainous terrain, it wasn’t until the continent of Africa collided with North America that the modern Blue Ridge Mountain range was formed.

And thankfully so! For we can enjoy the hundreds of trails that Brevard has to offer.