Many of us take a multivitamin. Some do out of routine, and some because they think they need it. In reality, we all need a multivitamin. Regardless of how great our diet is, there are still many minerals and vitamins that are not in our daily foods, and a multivitamin can help us keep full of good supplements. Not all multivitamins are the same, and while it may seem like a good idea for you, your husband, and your adult children to take the same supplement, it probably is not.

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Everyone has a different set of vitamin and mineral needs. Everyone also has the core set that we all need to be healthy: Vitamin A, B, C, D, iron, magnesium, etc. But, depending on the stage of our life, we may need more of one vitamin than others. Older women need more calcium, while younger women need more iron. Men and women over 65 need more Vitamin D than younger people. Teenagers need more B vitamins and folic acid to convert food and fat into energy. Each family member should have their own multivitamin, not all are created for everyone.

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For younger women, a multivitamin with extra iron and folic acid is great. These can help keep you strong during your menstrual cycle, and keep your body healthy for pregnancy. Those who are pregnant or who are trying to conceive should take a prenatal vitamin, which has extra Omega-3’s, folic acid, and iron to support their growing baby. Women over 50 should look for a multivitamin with higher levels of calcium, vitamin K (for bone health), vitamin D (also for bone health), and vitamin E for its antioxidant benefits.

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Younger men should look for a multivitamin with a well-rounded level of vitamins. Aside from folic acid and B vitamins, younger men typically do not need to look for other supplements in their multivitamins, as compared to younger women. Men over the age of 50 should look for a multivitamin with higher levels of vitamins A,C,E, and zinc for eye health, folic acid and vitamin E for heart health.

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Not all vitamin companies have the same levels of vitamins and minerals in their speciality blends. One A Day’s Men’s 50+ has 85% of your daily needs of Vitamin E, whilst Centrum Silver Men’s has 200% of your daily needs of Vitamin E. This is important, because Vitamin E levels help keep the heart healthy. One A Day Women’s has 50% of your daily Vitamin A level, whilst Centrum Women’s has 70%. Vitamin A is essential for eye health, and since many of us read or are online daily, we need this support.

Every multivitamin is different, just as every person is different. Be sure to check out the label of your multivitamin, because not everyone should take the same vitamin. Invest in multivitamins for every member of your family, because the price it costs is well worth the investment in their health.