There have been some very strange fads throughout the years. The Pokemon thing, the clown thing, the ice water bucket challenge thing, the flash mob thing, the boom box thing……the list goes on and on.

So when I stumbled acrossed an article about naked bike riding, my immediate reaction was, “Is this REALLY a thing?!” Yes, my friends. It IS indeed a thing.

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As I have previously discussed; bike riding has some serious mental health benefits but there is something about naked cycling that just sounds insane. Even the most supple and toned bodies just logistically have some things that hang out and flop around.

There is an event called the World Naked Bike Ride. In 2017 the naked bike ride was held in Portland, Oregon where over ten thousand people biked in the buff.

It is truly unclear as to how in the world naked bike riding became such a thing. However, there is much evidence that it’s roots are planted in political uprising. Naked bike riding became popular in Canada in the early 2000’s as a statement for self-love and positive body image.

I am guessing that a naked bike ride must have the same effect on a person as skinny dipping. That feeling of total freedom and the air rushing through….well….you know. Yet, riding a bike ride definitely puts one in danger of injuring some extra sensitive areas of the body.

Aside from the risk of injury and the sanitation questions that come with this trend; there are also legal issues at hand.

The cyclists contend that they are not interrupting traffic, they are part of traffic. That is quite the stretch….no pun intended. A herd of naked people is just going to be a distraction. It also puts authorities in a difficult spot of wanting to encourage freedom of speech but also to protect the rest of the citizens from public lewdness.

These mass, nude bike riding events have become more like festivals in which body-painting, hula-hooping and freedom of expression reign.

Interestingly enough, most cyclists opt to wear socks and sneakers so as to not injure their feet and ankles on the peddles but they do not seem concerned about injury to their private parts on the bike seat.