Should you try a natural nasal rinse? If you are suffering from a stuffy, congested, or a runny nose, you might give a natural nasal rinse some thought. Especially, if you are missing cycling due to seasonal allergies. Taking an over the counter nasal spray to relieve your allergy symptoms may work. On the other hand, you are only masking the symptoms, and making your body dependent on the spray to be able to breathe. It only takes a few hits of spray before your nose will stop reducing the swelling on its own resulting in dependence on nasal spray to breath.


Should you pop an allergy pill instead? Those aren’t any better. The ingredient included are unhealthy for your body. Let alone shooting them up your nose.


Natural Nasal Rinse


You should consider a natural sinus rinse instead and get back to cycling. Yes, you could buy nasal rinses at the store, but they are expensive and include other ingredients. Natural is better. You know exactly what ingredients you are using, and you know how to pronounce them.


Concerns About Nasal Rinses


Are you worried about using a nasal rinse? They are not as complicated to use as you might think. There will be a few seconds of uncomfortableness the first time you spray water up your nose. However, if you focus on not inhaling as you are spraying the water, you will not have any issues with the process. A nasal rinse goes up into one side of the nostril and back out the other side. It is simple and so much better on your body than the use of nasal sprays or allergy pills. If you are truly suffering from allergies, it is worth a try.

How to Make a Natural Nasal Rinse


All you need to make a natural nasal rinse is distilled or boiled and cooled tap water, .5 teaspoons of salt, and .5 teaspoons of baking soda. Let the two ingredients dissolve into the water and spay your nose. You can use a Neti Pot, nose rinse bottle, or one of those bulb snot suckers for babies. Use the rinse daily to clean your nose of allergens and reduce swollen membranes. In no time, you will be breathing right again and back on the road.


In Conclusion


Are you missing cycling due to allergies? If you are struggling with season allergies or other reasons for swollen nasal membranes, you need to consider the benefits of a nasal rinse. In addition, making your own at home is easy.