Imagine eating the wrong thing. Maybe it’s dairy, or pizza, or fried chicken, or even drinking too much wine. Bloating and gas can be caused by many things, and it can be super embarrassing to deal with. While over-the-counter remedies are around, they have many ingredients that can harm us with prolonged usage, and they are not suitable for those taking certain prescriptions. The best thing you can do (besides avoiding your “trouble” foods) is to have on hand natural supplements and remedies to help with these issues. Below are some of the best natural supplements and remedies for gas and bloating.


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Also great for an upset stomach and normal stomach pains, ginger is a cure-all for all stomach ailments. Sucking or chewing on ginger candy, drinking ginger tea, or eating a teaspoon of fresh, grated ginger (this works before meals, as well) can help kick your stomach issues fast.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds

These little guys are often added to digestive tea, and for good reason: They are great at eliminating gas, bloating, pain, and indigestion. A great way to prevent gas and bloating issues is to add a bit of caraway seeds to your meal – especially if the food in question causes stomach issues.



This spice of garlic may seem counteractive to combating stomach issues, but garlic is one of the best all-around natural remedies out there. Fresh garlic is best for beating gas, but jarred will work if you don’t have a fresh bulb on hand.

Dandelion Tea


Dandelion is another natural remedy that is a cure-all for most stomach ailments. Dandelion tea is slightly sweet, making is a great hot tea even for those who typically do not like it.


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Parsley is something that we consider a food garnish, but chomping on it after a meal can help combat gas and bloating. Adding it to your cooking can also do the trick, if you’re not wanting to eat and entire leaf in front of others in a restaurant.



Probiotics are great for many things. From our skin, our teeth, our overall immune system – and our digestive system. Daily usage and consumption of probiotic-rich foods can help keep gas and bloating away.

Activated Charcoal

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Used by many to absorb alcohol, activated charcoal capsules can be used to absorb fats and other ingredients that may irritate your stomach.

Colon Cleanse

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This is iffy for some, but many find that a colon cleanse (a safe colon cleanse from a reputable company) can help alleviate chronic gas and bloating issues.