Nobody enjoys being sick. If you want to prevent catching a cold or flu this season, it is crucial to continue providing the body with sources of nutrients. In this way, the body can be strong enough to resist any encounters with pathogens that will cause you to get ill.

If you do happen to get sick, there are herbs which can help give the body support to heal from an illness. You purchase these from a trusted online store or local nutrition and supplement shop. You also can grow the herbs in your garden if you would like. Some of the herbal supplement suggestions below you may have heard of over the years. However, you may learn of some that you did not realize could be beneficial for healing.

8 Essential Herbs for Fighting and Preventing the Flu and Cold

Catnip – It settles the stomach and induces sleep. It works excellently on children with the flu or cold. It is useful herb as a tea or tincture

Elderberry – It offers a helpful support for the body, mainly if you have the flu.

Yarrow – It is bitter. So, a good idea would be to use it as a tea or tincture with stevia leaf and peppermint. Yarrow also supports the endocrine system, which regulates mood and metabolism, among other functions of the body. It is especially suitable for treating fever and reduce the length of a cold to 24 hours.

Nettle Leaf – natural doctors, highly recommend it. It has massive amounts of trace minerals and vitamins. Nettle leaf helps the body remain hydrated and removes toxins. Its preventative properties make it an excellent support for the immune system.

Ginger – It dramatically helps vomiting and nausea associated with the flu and efficiently fights against congestion.

Peppermint – It helps with fever reduction and settles digestive disturbances. Peppermint works as a tincture, tea, and can get rubbed on the skin to lower fever. In addition to its pleasant taste, it antiviral and antimicrobial.

Chamomile – It reduces fever and inflammation. It helps with sleep, as well.

Red Clover – It can relax the body and purifies the blood. When used as a tea, it provides the body with high amounts of nutrients. It is helpful in treating not just cold and flu, but many other illnesses also.