Are you struggling to stay awake? Already hit that proverbial brick wall and its only early afternoon? If you do, you need food tips for energy. Many people who struggle with fatigue hit the office candy machine in the office or grab an energy drink. However, these aren’t quick fixes aren’t really a good resolution to your fatigue. When you choose healthier options, you will maintain energy throughout the day rather than bursts of energy followed by crashes.

What foods should you eat if you are struggling with fatigue? There are several choices and some that you should avoid.


The first of the food tips for energy is a substance that you should avoid. While there are health benefits of coffee and tea, if your reason for drinking them is because of the caffeine, you should skip it. Depending on caffeine to give you a boost of energy is a fake increase of energy. This energy boost will quickly peak and leave you feeling drained and needing more caffeine.

Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based foods are high in iron. One nutrient that many people are low in is iron. By taking in more iron during the day, you can increase your energy levels. Iron is needed to provide oxygen to the cells in your body. This increased oxygen will improve your energy levels and boost your immune system.

Eat a Balanced and Energizing Breakfast

If you only grab a banana or a bowl of yogurt in the morning, you are not getting the right balance of nutrients. To improve your overall energy levels for the day, you need to add variety to your breakfast. For those who enjoy yogurt as a morning breakfast, add some berries to the yogurt to increase your antioxidant intake and some nuts for protein and healthy fats.

Get More Real Foods

Foods that are processed are hard for your body to digest which leads to fatigue. To find food that provides you with energy, eat more natural foods. What are some natural foods that are good for you and your energy levels? Some natural food choices include whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. Skip the processed stuff in the boxes or packages.

Skip the Sugar and Carbs

Another of the food tips for energy is skipping the sugar and carbs. If you are struggling with daytime fatigue, don’t fall into the trap of eating more sugar and carbs. These foods provide a quick burst of energy like caffeine. However, they are hard for your body to process and lead to a crash. As soon as the crash occurs, you need more of them to make it through the day.

Get Some Healthy Fats

Many people decide that the best way to lose weight is by eliminating fats. However, by eliminating fats, your body is not able to absorb certain necessary nutrients. The fat in foods allows your body to absorb antioxidants. You must have these antioxidants to have healthy cells.

Eat Frozen Vegetables

The last of the food tips for energy is eating frozen vegetables. If the vegetables are not in season, your best choice is to hit the frozen food aisle. The process of freezing the vegetables can lock in nutrients that are lost in the canned food section. While it is best to eat vegetables that were just picked straight from the garden, the frozen food section is the next best thing.

In Conclusion

If you are struggling with fatigue and depending on sugar and caffeine to sustain you, the process will be a never-ending cycle. As soon as you crash, you need it again. By following the above food tips for energy, you will see an increase of natural energy.