As lovely as your panties may be, chances are you do not want to be accused of indecent exposure if you decide to wear a skirt or dress while riding your bike. You like dresses. You love cycling. How can you enjoy both without flashing commuters and pedestrians your Victoria’s Secret or Hanes? The last you want is for your skirt to swoop up while you are dismounting, riding, or mounting your bike.

Prevent Moments Like Marilyn Monroe Standing on Subway Grate

There is a little trick made famous by an avid cyclist named, Johanna Holton. It is called “Penny In Yo’ Pants.” Have you heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, there is no better time than the present.

The Items You Need to Have:

  • A penny (marble or pebble, as a substitute)
  • Rubber band

How to Apply “Penny In Yo’ Pants”:

    1. Create a “button” with your skirt’s material by pushing the penny from the back of the dress to the front.

    2. Take the rubber band and wrap it around the button you have made. That’s it!

The weight of the penny holds down the skirt, which provides extra protection against the wind or other elements. It is that simple. Johanna Holton is considered a heroine for her innovative and simple trick. If the directions were not clear, you could also watch this instructional video that walks you through the easy steps.