Do you need tips to lose weight? What was your last year’s New Year resolution? To lose weight? Many people choose to lose weight as a resolution. Unfortunately, sometime during the year, you might have lost track of your goal. As a cyclist is important to be lean and fit to handle the intensity of high impact sports such as riding. Winter time is the worst. Being cooped up and away from your bicycle can lead to too much sofa sitting.

Tips to Lose Weight

The thought of staring at a wall while pedaling in place might not be appealing to you. Luckily, you are only a couple of months away from optimal cycling weather and getting back on the trail. In the meantime, what can you do to drop a few pounds in the new year while gearing up for cycling weather? Read below the tips to lose weight.

Happy woman celebrating weight loss

Be Realistic

When losing weight, it is important to be realistic. If you decide that you need to drop 30 pounds and you want to do it all in the month of January, you are setting yourself up for failure. It is hard to lose that much weight at one time and will be even more difficult to keep it off in the long-term. It is better to set a small goal of 5 to 10 pounds in a month and then work from there.

Food and Drink Diary

It is important to realize how much you are eating and drinking, how many calories are involved in what you are ingesting, when you are eating the most, and any periods where you are weaker with your willpower. For example, if you are downing a bag of chips every night while watching the news, you might want to skip the chips, or the news, or both! Look for patterns of poor eating behaviors.

Portion Control

Another good way to drop weight is to make smaller portions on your plate. Cutting back on portions is an easy way to lose weight. Another tip is to eat on a smaller plate to give the illusion that you aren’t depriving yourself.

Eat Smart

The next tip to the tips to lose weight is eating smart. Eating a lot of carbs and sugars causes sugar crashes. Those crashes lead to eating more carbs and sugar to boost your energy back up. Focus instead on eating low carb and low sugar meals. A good et is to stay below 10 carbs per day. Even lower could be better. Eating lots of protein will stabilize your blood sugar and cause fewer sugar crashes.

Physically Active

The last tip in the tips to lose weight is being physically active. If that wall is driving you crazy, get cycling software that displays actual cycling routes. Watching scenery might help. If not bundle up, watch for inclement weather, and go cycling.

In Conclusion

The above 5 tips to lose weight over a longer period will provide results. By cycling season, you will be lean and ready to go.