You’d have to be completely oblivious to miss the thousands of neon-colored bike-share bicycles that hit the streets of Seattle this summer. But have you looked for the ones that are not on the actual street, as in up a tree, on top of a troll or under water?

The green, orange and yellow bikes from various companies are ending up in plenty of places that they’re not supposed to. It’s bound to happen when unlocked bikes are parked all over the city. While the wheel-locking mechanism prevents bicycles from LimeBike, Spin and Ofo from being ridden off, it doesn’t prevent them from being toppled over or picked up and tossed.

A LimeBike spokesman told KIRO 7 that the company is certainly aware of various incidents, thanks to a loyal community of riders.

“Our operations team retrieves these illegally placed (not parked) bikes immediately,” Jack Song said. “A message that we do want to send to the bad players is: Destroying any of the bikes in the bike-share ecosystem is illegal and morally wrong,” Song continued. “People depend on the bikes for work, last-minute travels, emergencies. It is an attack on the overall transportation system in Seattle. Sometimes, it puts the lives of our LimeBike operations crew and our city partners, like Seattle Department of Transportation, in danger when we retrieve the illegally placed bikes.”

Images on Twitter and Instagram serve as daily documentation that, as folks like to say in the comments, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Plenty of people are surely using the services as they were intended and parking the bicycles properly so that the next person can find a ride and enjoy it. But whether it’s boredom, a silly prank or plain old vandalism, here’s a look at bikes around Seattle that have been taking a bit of a beating: