When you are cycling and see people aimlessly following their phone, they are probably either Skyping or Pokemon hunting. Pokemon Go has ignited the old flame that Pokemon set in many people 10-15 years ago. This new digital world pops up Pokemon characters for you to catch via your phone – and they can show up anywhere and everywhere. You can cycle and play Pokemon Go at the same time – if you are cautious. There are many Do’s and Don’ts for doing this – and some are listed below.

Do: Play While Walking First

The interface can be confusing at first! It’s best if you master it on foot at 3 mph instead of puzzling it out at 10 to 20 mph in the street.

Don’t: Play on Crowded Streets

Most of the news about Pokemon Go causing traffic pileups has been fabricated, but there’s no reason to risk injury by riding distractedly or on high-speed, busy streets.

Do: Buy a Handlebar Mount for Your Phone

One of the most recommended is the Topeak RideCase, which slides in and out of an adjustable handlebar mount so you can easily grab it when a Pidgeotto comes at you out of nowhere.

Don’t: Stop Your Bike In The Middle Of The Road To Catch A Pokemon

When you encounter a Pokemon—pull to the side where you can capture it from the safety of the sidewalk. That Zubat isn’t  going anywhere; you’ve got plenty of time to add it to your squad. And as always, look behind you before pulling over and always be considerate of other bikes or road traffic. Also, consider only using your bike to access Pokestops, which you can confirm the location of in advance, and to hatch eggs, which just requires riding a certain distance. There’s really no way to troll the streets for Pokemon and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.

Do: Interact With Pokemon Trainers

One of the coolest aspects of the game is that it doesn’t provide you with much instruction on how to play. That means you get to puzzle it out on your own and beseech others for help.

Do: Pay Attention To Road Signs

Some areas are not meant for biking, so be alert and pay attention to road signs. Cycle as normal, otherwise, keeping to the correct side of the road and being a polite cyclist.

Don’t: Run Down Your Phone Battery!

This isn’t so that you can catch the amount of Pokemon you want, but so that you have your phone in case of an emergency. This isn’t an issue in the city, but in a suburban or country setting it could be troublesome finding another phone to use is something happens.