Practicing prenatal yoga during the second trimester is an optimal time. As your body continues to change, you find that although you may experience limited mobility, it is not too much that it will hinder free movement. Attending regular prenatal yoga classes is something that you should feel comfortable with doing during this period of your pregnancy.

Adapting to Yoga Practice During the Second Trimester

Unlike doing yoga during the first trimester, your belly’s size is changing, and the uterus no longer has the protection of the pelvis. Prenatal adaptations are set up to consider a woman’s more massive belly. You want to modify your poses so that you feel comfortable which will most likely mean avoiding any postures that require you to lie on your stomach or poses that involve extensive twists.

Morning Sickness

By now, your morning sickness has subsided or will soon abate. However, if you have nausea that is lingering, be sure to not overexert yourself.

Advice for Experienced Yogis

If you begin feeling that regular yoga classes would be better replaced by prenatal courses that are gentler, go for it. However, if you can remain in your weekly classes with appropriate adaptations, then continue until the intensity is no longer suitable. It is worth mentioning that by attending prenatal yoga classes, you have the opportunity to meet other pregnant women, which can be a support for you that may prove to be helpful and informative.

Looking Into Yoga for the First Time?

As mentioned above, practicing during your second trimester is the best time to start if you have not exercised in the art before. You want to be sure to find a prenatal yoga class that is lead by an experienced instructor. You will most likely get introduced to healthy pregnancy exercise but also other new yogis exploring yoga for the first time.