Should you get a pro cycling kit before going cycling? What is a pro cycling kit? A pro cycling kit is the clothing that professional cyclists wear when cycling. Those clothing items include a team jersey, shorts, and socks. Although those pro cycling kit looks great on professional cyclists, wearing one when you are not part of the cycling team will leave you looking like a novice. If you do want to wear a pro cycling kit, it is better to wear one from one of the teams that is no longer in existence or a color scheme for a current team from 10 to 20 years ago. If you do wear a pro cycling kit from one of the older teams, be sure you know some of the riders on the team as people will come up to you and talk about the “old days”.

How to Avoid Looking Like a Cycling Rookie

What other things can make you look like a rookie just getting started? Let’s explore some of the other things that you should avoid.

Clothes that Fit

While you shouldn’t go out a buy a pro cycling kit for one of the current teams, you do need to purchase clothing that fits. Bicycling is based upon being aerodynamic, so you don’t want a bunch of baggy clothing that will catch in the wind or even worse, catch on your bicycle. If you wear a large shirt for your regular wear, then you will want to purchase a medium sized shirt for cycling. When it is raining, don’t wear a regular rain jacket, purchase a clear cycling raincoat to keep the water off.


Buy a helmet, but don’t buy just any old helmet. You need to purchase a helmet that fits right. You don’t want one that is too big and bounces around. Or, one that is way too small for your head. However, most important is to have a helmet. You don’t want to have your head slamming down the pavement without one on.

Shave Your Legs

Women, this is a no-brainer for you. Most of you are already going to be shaving your legs. However, shaving legs will be a sticking point for some men. But, you need to shave your legs. No, it won’t make you more aerodynamic. The purpose behind shaving your legs is to make the clean up after an accident easier. If you crash and scrape up your legs, it will be easier to clean out the debris and it will be easier to bandage the wound. More importantly, other cyclists will avoid you if you don’t shave your legs. No shaving is a definite sign of a rookie.

Practice with Your Clipless Pedals

If you are riding with clipless pedals, you need to practice before you go out riding with a group or on a cycling route. In your neighborhood, take time to ride back and forth and practice. You don’t want to be out riding with your new group and fall over in front of them.


Purchase wireless accessories. Most accessories that you would need to purchase come in wireless versions. This will make you look more like a seasoned rider.

Saddle Bags

If you are cycling a lot, you will need a saddle bag for all your essentials. However, you don’t want one that is huge. If you get one that is too big, the other cyclists will look at you like you’re a rookie. Unless you are going on a long ride, you don’t need everything and the kitchen sink.

In Conclusion

When you start out cycling, it is normal to make several cycling blunders. To prevent some of those blunders from occurring to you, follow the above tips. If you are only cycling around your neighborhood with the kids or grandkids, these tips might not be that beneficial for you. However, if you are getting more serious about cycling or thinking about joining a group, you need to consider how you can implement these tips in your cycling training.