What are the updated rule changes to the 2018 Pro Cycling season? There are numerous changes to the UCI’s rules and regulations. However, some of the most impactful rules changes include the following changes.

Team Cars

There will be stiffer penalties for holding on to team cars. Sticky water bottles are folklore in cycling circles. However, the UCI is attempting to crack down on cyclists trying to gain an unfair advantage by holding on to team cars. As a result, there will be tougher penalties and fines. In addition, the violator could also be restricted from racing for up to a month.

Level Crossings

The next of the Pro Cycling Race Rules changes involve level crossings. Race organizers are responsible for checking the route for any traffic issues to include railroad crossings. However, there has been incidents in which railroad travel was not adequately accounted for. This has resulted in cyclists going around closed railroad crossing which is extremely dangerous. To prevent cyclists from being injured by getting ran over by a train, there have also been an increase in penalties for going through level crossing. The penalties will be the same as those for holding on to team cars.

Team Size Reduction

The UCI has also reduced the size of teams to reduce the number of the peloton to a maximum of 176 riders. This means that cycling teams will be limited to seven riders for one-day races and shorter stage races. The Grand Tours will still allow eight racers per team. This rule is going into effect to protects cyclist safety. It is hoped that by reducing the number of racers that fewer cyclists will get hurt.

Inflatable Structures

The last of the Pro Cycling Race Rule changes that will be discussed is the one involving inflatables. Collapsing inflatables presents a dangerous safety hazard for cyclists. As a precaution, inflatables will now be required to be equipped with two generators, two blowers, secured by 10 anchor points, and have a technician present to monitor the inflatables for signs of collapsing. Then, in 2022, inflatables will be banned for the cycling route.

In Conclusion, Pro Cycling Race Rule Changes

There are many different Pro Cycling race rule changes changes for 2018. Hopefully, by understanding the above rules, you will be better prepared to watch your favorite cyclists.