Do you need additional protein after cycling? Cycling is a high-intensity, high-performance sport. When you cycle, you use up all your stores of carbohydrates and fats. In addition, while cycling, you use many calories. While you may cycle to help you lose weight, you don’t want to go too far. After cycling, you will need to refuel and take in the right calories to help your muscles replenish. As a cyclist, you will need to eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. This should sound familiar as it is the dietary recommendations for all people.

Additional Protein After Cycling

In what specific ways can you get additional protein after an intense cycling ride? There are several ways to get your needed protein to help rebuild your muscles.

Lean Meats

The first of the additional protein options after cycling is lean meats. Eating lean meats after a cycling event can be a good way to increase your protein intake and help your muscle recovery after cycling. Some of the better types of lean meats to eat include chicken, beef, and pork.

Other Proteins

The second of the additional protein options after cycling include a variety of other protein sources. These other types of proteins will help build muscles after cycling training. Those proteins include eggs, nuts, beans, fish, non-fat yogurt, and cheese.

Whey Protein

The last source of additional protein options after cycling is whey protein. People who spend their time in a sedentary lifestyle will not need as much protein as an athlete, so an additional protein supplement is not recommended for non-athletes. However, as an athlete, you may need additional protein to rebuild your muscles that have broken down during cycling. While the large portion of your protein should come from nuts, eggs, and lean meats, you can supplement your protein with whey protein. Whey protein can help restore muscles after training and racing and is quickly converted to use within the body making it a great choice for athletes after training.

In Conclusion

After cycling, you will need to refuel. One of the food sources that you need to replenish is protein. It is important to get your protein from natural sources. However, if you are unable to get enough, supplementing with whey protein is considered a good option.