Do you go cycling in the rain? If you live in an area where it rains frequently, you can hardly give up cycling if it is your passion. Spending too much time inside on your stationary bike will leave you itching to get outside and enjoying the weather. However, before you head off into a downpour, you need to consider your personal safety.

Cycling in the Rain

What protection do you need when riding in the rain? There are several considerations that you must make if you are going to go out riding in the rain. It is harder for other vehicles to see you on the road when it is raining, so your safety must be your number one consideration. Let’s take a few moments to cover the options that will make cycling in the rain safe.


The first tip for riding in the rain is to review the forecast. Even though you want to get out and enjoy a good ride doing so when there is severe weather coming is not a good idea. You need to stay put if there is a chance of severe storms including lightning, hail, or torrential rain. Obviously, if there is a chance of hurricane or tornado, you will defiantly need to stay home and keep safe.

LED Lights

When getting ready to ride in the rain, you need to be visible. Selecting LED lights will help keep other motorists to see you on the road. Heavy rain and glare can make it hard to see without having LED lights.

Heavy Chain Lube

The next tip for preparing to ride in the rain is to use heavy lube on your chain. A heavy chain lube needs to be used before going out into the rain. Remember to put the lube on the chain when your bicycle is dry, or it won’t penetrate the links. Keeping your chain from freezing up while you are riding in the rain is more important than struggling with cleaning the junk off your chain.


For rain riding, you need to install fenders on both wheels. The fenders will keep your vision clear and make for a more comfortable ride.

Slick Surfaces

When it rains, the oil that is down in the pavement will pool up on the surface of the ground and make the road slick. You must be careful when riding on the pavement to be on the lookout for these oil slicks. In addition, you need to be aware of the dangers of cornering. To corner safely, you need to shift your weight on the outside pedal.


To see, you need to have a pair of clear or yellow tinted glasses to keep the rain out of your eyes. It is important to purchase actual riding glasses rather than sunglasses as they will keep the rain out. In addition, the lighter tint will work better than darker sunglasses. Darker sunglasses will block your view.

Waterproof Jacket

The last tip for cycling in the rain is to wear a waterproof jacket. To stay as warm and dry as possible, you need to purchase and wear a waterproof jacket. When you are wet, you will get chilly. It is better to keep your core dry and warm.

In Conclusion

Cycling in the rain can be an option. You don’t have to spend the rainy season cooped up inside staring at the wall. If you would like to ride in the rain, you need to consider your personal safety. It is important to consider the above facts before heading out on your bicycle.