Living in reality or the reality of something is a state or quality of being actual, true, existing, and real. If you ponder on this definition, it may not be hard to accept the belief that when a person lives in the present moment, it is the only time that he or she is consciously participating in actual reality. Does that concept seem unreal?

Throughout a person’s daily activities, he or she spends much of his or her time immersed in thoughts about what has happened or is anxious, curious, or daydreaming about what has yet to happen. An important and exciting concept worth meditating on as you move throughout each arriving and passing hour is that the past existed and the future has yet to materialize, and therefore should not negatively move you away from feelings, thoughts, and experiences of happiness and peace. So, having thoughts about an argument you had yesterday with someone, or even an hour ago, and drifting on the mysterious and sometimes troubling clouds of thoughts that can get riddled with worry over what you have to do tomorrow or hours from now, takes you away from the reality of the present moment.

Ask yourself the following question and give yourself some time before you allow your inner voice to speak in response. Can there be any peace outside of the realm of reality? Anytime a person can align his or her consciousness with the present moment and live in reality, the individual’s awareness increases; you can call it mindfulness.

Living in reality — being in the present moment — elevates one’s consciousness.

Paying particular attention to what is happening or going on “now,” has been proven to calm the clutter of the mind. Just ask any of the many individuals who regularly practice or have attempted activities of mindfulness. Fear and its cousins worry, resentment, regret, anxiety, and so forth, are expelled when one is centered, focused, and conscious of what he or she is doing and feeling.

While this article attempts to only touch minimally on the ideology of mindfulness, as you become introduced more to mindfulness-driven approaches to living and try to take a moment in time to be conscious of yourself, you will see how peace can regularly come in — even within the chaos of life and your environment. The present is a gift; take time to enjoy it.