I have ALWAYS had this dream to be biking well into my golden years. Yes, I want to be a fun foxy lady in my 60’s, 70’s and dare I say 80’s and maybe even 90’s. My beloved boyfriend always says that a thing in motion stays in motion and this means that if I keep peddling then hopefully my hips and joints will keep peddling with me!

These seniors are way ahead of me and here are a couple of their stories.

This cyclist started at age 60.

“Bought a decent Road bike on April 1 of this year after a 45 year absence from biking. I have just lost 60 pounds, walking 10,000-20,000 steps a day and wanting more exercise.

I have ridden about 800 miles in the last 10 weeks. Halfway through June I have ridden 280 miles. I am 5’9″, weight 147 with a body fat of 8.5% (down from 30%) as measured by BodPod at U of Minnesota.

I road with a local group Sunday. It was at the upper level of my endurance. 40 miles averaging 16mph (per bike computer). Felt good but my thighs ached after. These guys are hot dogs and they say they ride 22+ MPH when they aren’t on no drop rides like the one I was one. They pushed me and I’m glad.”

Julie Lockhardt is a 70 year old cyclists and here is her story. 

“I do have a coach. If you were to look at a single week of training, the first day is a recovery day. I do very little with the bicycle itself, unless I just go out on a recreational ride at a slow pace. The middle three days include different focuses, often on things like intensity. This is the hardest part of week. Friday is semi-recovery day, spent on the bike. I do some intensity to wake my legs up and practice whatever I need for the weekend’s upcoming race. If I’m racing on Saturday and Sunday, then three days a week, I’ll also do skills drills for cyclocross, such as standing starts, 20- to 40-second sprints, practice tight turns, do figure-eights in parking spaces, try to do track stands, and do hill run ups in dirt. Two to three times a week I’ll also jog a mile or so and do a couple wind sprints.”

So, if someone 40 years older than me can get out and cycle then I think I am fresh out of excuses for not enjoying a physical activity that I love.