Probiotics are either loved or hated by those in the medical field. While some believe that everyone from child to adult should take these pills, others believe that they are unnecessary for those in good health, and with a healthy diet. Another issue comes with the fact that there are thousands of various probiotics on the market, and it can be hard to tell which ones are worth investing in. There are endless questions, and not all are going to be easy to answer. Hopefully this article can provide you with a little extra knowledge, to help you better understand your need for probiotics.

Those with poor digestion health need probiotics. Those of us with IBS can benefit from the good bacteria, but it should be warned that the effect is not immediate. It can take weeks or even months for one to become “regular” with the average over-the-counter probiotic. Certain pharmacies sell probiotics that must stay refrigerated, meaning that they have a higher concentration of good bacteria that must stay cold to live. Meta-Genics Ultra Flora Balance is pricey, but great for those who are in need of digestion support and a quicker response¬†

People who take antibiotics can also benefit from probiotics. Antibiotics can kill off good digestional bacteria, leaving one with a weird stomach situation. This is why many don’t like antibiotics, because they have a high chance of causing diarrhea. A probiotic can but your chances, as well as keep your system steady after you finish taking your medication. One key to taking a probiotic is taking it consistently. While some find relief from taking it just during the time an antibiotic is taken, many do not, and this can cause the belief that these supplements do not work. Relief can be found from just a 10-14 days course, but it would not be as significant as if you have taken it daily for months.

Those who are under constant mental and emotional stress can also benefit from a probiotic. Stress can cause digestional issues, since your gut and mind are somewhat connected. A probiotic can help ease these symptoms, putting less stress on your body, and keeping you healthy. Since many believe that a probiotic can help fuel a good immune system, this is a also a benefit, because those who are stressed are proven to have weaker immune systems.

While these groups can use a probiotic, many do not need these pills. Most of the population have good flora in their gut, thanks to their proper diet and health. Those who can digest milk, yogurt, and cheese already have live cultures in their gut, and probably do not need to extra found in probiotic. Those who should also avoid probiotics are those with allergies to acidopholus, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and streptococcus thermophilus.