How does cycling impact your sperm count? There is evidence that cycling can lower your sperm count. Cycling can also product more abnormal sperm. However, most of the research in sperm count has been conducted on elite athletes. Not a lot of research has been conducted on weekend cyclist or even those who cycle several hours per week. In addition, while there is evidence of cycling leading to lower sperm count, there is no direct evidence that the lower sperm count has caused infertility. What can you do about your sperm count while cycling.

Sperm Count While Cycling

Why may cycling cause lower sperm counts? While cycling, you are putting a large portion of your weight on the perineal area between the testis and the rectum. This pressure can reduce the blood flow going to the sex organs and reduce your sperm count. In addition, you can develop numbness of the perineal area due long-distance cycling.

Should you stop cycling if you are trying to get pregnant? If you are trying to get pregnant, you might want to stop cycling for a period. The length of time that it takes to develop mature sperm is approximately 70 days. By stopping cycling for that time, you can build up during this time may increase your chances of conceiving. When your partner gets pregnant, then you can return to cycling.
If you don’t want to stop cycling, you can make some modifications to your cycling posture and bicycle set up to hopefully produce a higher sperm count.

Saddle Height

One way to try to improve your sperm count while is to adjust your saddle height. You need to make sure that your saddle height is appropriate so that you are not putting additional pressure on the perineal area while cycling.

Saddle Tilt

The next way to improve your sperm count while cycling is to turn your saddle tilt downwards instead of upwards. When the saddle is tilted upwards, you will have more pressure on your testis which can lower sperm count.

Saddle Shape

By sitting on a saddle that is very narrow, you will have more pressure from your body weight in one area. You can purchase a wider saddle to have your weight more evenly distributed. With your weight evenly distributed, you can have less pressure in the genital area.

In Conclusion

If you are trying to get pregnant and struggling, you may want to stop cycling for a period. Another option is to work with the saddle of your bicycle to reduce the pressure on your genitals.