Do you need tips to avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s? Aging does not have to mean memory loss.

Tips to Avoid Dementia and Alzheimer’s

There are several things that you can do to enhance your memory and help avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s. While there are several supplements that can be beneficial, there are other steps you can take as well. Let’s explore some ways to help you prevent memory loss as you age.


There are several supplements available to help boost memory and prevent dementia. One of the supplements with the most supportive research is ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo biloba may assist in the prevention of memory loss. However, the research is not consistent in this area. On the other hand, if you are noticing some signs of memory loss, ginkgo biloba may help prevent the progression of dementia Why does ginkgo biloba help? Ginkgo biloba for cerebral inefficiency. In essence, when memory loss begins, the small blood vessels in the brain have been clogged and are allowing less blood to flow inside them. With ginkgo biloba, there seems to be increased blood flow.

Healthy Diet

Another of the tips to avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s is a healthy diet. A healthy diet may help lower the risk of developing memory loss. In addition, a Mediterranean diet has been linked to reduced memory loss and increased lifespan. A Mediterranean diet is one low in red meat. The diet focuses on fruits, nuts, vegetables, dairy, fish, and poultry. Many people supplement their diet with olive oil which is a source of healthy fats. There can also be a benefit from drinking wine. However, doctors do not recommend that people begin drinking if they don’t already.


The next of the tips to avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s is exercise. People who are at risk of developing dementia or are showing early signs can help stop the advancement of memory loss. Why does exercise help reduce memory loss? Exercise helps generate blood flow throughout the body including the brain. This increased blood flow helps reduce memory loss. It also aids in the development of nerve cells in the brain called dentates gyrus. Lastly, exercise helps with cardiovascular health which in turn helps pump blood throughout your body.

Memory Enhancement

The last of the tips to avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s is memory enhancement. Continue to learn new things. By challenging your brain, you are continuing to connect neural pathways inside your brain. Learn a new language, practice on computer games, do a Sudoku puzzle or word search, or download a brain stimulating games on your tablet to help improve your memory and prevent memory decline.

In Conclusion

There are several things that you can do to help slow the progression and prevent memory loss. Take a supplement, eat healthily, get exercise, and work your brain are the best options available to you to help build and strengthen those neural pathways.