Everybody has strange stories; it’s where America’s funniest home videos and like eighty percent of youtube videos come from. Those moments that we try to share and how sometimes, you just had to be there.

DENVER, CO – AUGUST 23: People bike along the South Platte River Trail on August 23, 2017, in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post)

Strange stories from cyclists number one is about night biking

Also on the top of the list is, finding people naked. Yes. Apparently, night time bike riders commonly stumble upon people ‘doin it’ in the outdoors. A victim of these naked sightings says;

“Reading this you might think seeing a pair of partially nude people in the woods would be hot but it’s really more shocking than anything else.”

Another night rider experienced the following strange story;

“our group came across what appeared to be some sort of pagan teenage ritual taking place in the woods with a raging bonfire and rocking music. It turned out to be a group of students from a nearby high school celebrating the end of classes and this party seemed to have it all from booze to buzzes. On seeing our bright lights, several kids decided to run down the very trail we were following. We tried to assure them we weren’t the cops but they were gone like deer through the trees!”

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Yes. Beer pong is a “pagan” teenage ritual in and of itself. Good for those bikers; getting those kids to go have a house party somewhere else.

If you thought you had a rough morning at some point this year, I can almost guarantee that this dude’s was worse. After a night of hard partying, he woke up to find a bike lock around his neck—allegedly the result of a ‘fun prank.’

This bike messenger’s organ donation changed a life and made history.
Bike messenger David Rodebaugh’s death led to the largest-scale successful face transplant ever completed. The grateful recipient, firefighter Patrick Hardison, spent 14 years living with disfigurement after a burning roof collapse left him with second-degree burns.
Cycling enriches your life with the opportunity for so many strange stories.