Thrush can hit after a heavy round of antibiotics or an illness. It can leave you in pain, and without an appetite. This can make it harder to get back to your daily life after an illness. While thrush is something that we typically cannot control getting, we can control how long we have it. There are many supplements and natural remedies that can help keep thrush to a minimum – and some may already be in your home.

Coconut Oil


The cure-all for most everything, coconut oil is great for keeping thrush at a minimum. From its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria, to its soothing effects to help minimize swelling, coconut oil is the first thing you should try when you suspect thrush. Simply take a little on a Q-Tip or clean finger (don’t spread germs!) and apply to the suspected areas.



Many of us have some form of yogurt in the fridge, and this is a great way to kick thrush. You can apply it like coconut oil, or simply eat it daily to keep the good bacteria flowing in your system. While plain yogurt and Greek yogurt is best, many find that regular flavored yogurt can provide aid, as well. If your baby has thrush, apply yogurt to the bottle nipple or to your nipple when feeding to get the good bacteria into your baby’s system.

Black Walnut


Commonly found in herb shops, these capsules and oils are full of tannin, which is an anti-fungal and astringent. It also contains juglone, which has been proven to be a mild antibiotic. While the taste of these capsules and oils can be strong, they are great for killing thrush.



Cinnamon is a candida killer, so it’s perfect for killing thrush. Cinnamon oil, cinnamon capsules, or simply sprinkling the spice on your food can help you recover faster.



A popular natural anti-fungal agent, oregano not only kills athletes foot and nail fungus, but also thrush. The taste can be strong for some, which is the one thing that has pushed this down the list. As far as it working, it is one of the best supplements available in the US. While oregano oil is best, you can use the herb in your food daily for thrush fighting.

Tea Tree Oil


Unlike other oils where you apply them to the affected area, tea tree oil is used with warm water as a gargle. This is great for those who have issues eating while their mouth is infected. Simple add a few drops of tea tree oil to a cup of warm water, and gargle. Repeat until the cup is empty. Do this twice daily, and you should see relief soon. You may feel relief immediately, as many report that this helps soothe their mouth.