Just a little while ago when the importance of probiotics was starting to become known to the masses, the drug companies rushed to market thousands of worthless, isolated, fake probiotic products made in a laboratory. Drug makers learned decades ago that since you can’t beat’m, you should join’m! And join they absolutely have! Every store nowadays is jam packed full of synthetic, isolated ‘probiotics’ that are as worthless and just as toxic, as swallowing plastic.

How Can That Be True You Wonder?

Well, think about this logically. Would you eat food that was created inside a laboratory and genetically altered OR do you prefer to eat food that was grown in very healthy soil that is rich and nutritious? If you prefer food grown in the ground instead of a laboratory, then you are on your way to seeing why anything made in a laboratory (isolated or synthetic) could never help you.

If You Know Eating Food Grown In The Ground Is Healthy, Then You Automatically Agree Every Nutrient, Including Probiotics, Should Also Be Grown In The Ground.

Nowadays, you can see “enriched with probiotics” on thousands of various products, especially dairy products and recently even chocolate products, because, I guess the naturally occurring probiotics that nature grows, isn’t enough? But if that’s true, that nature isn’t enough, how is adding synthetic probiotics going to help?

The Biggest Scam Told By Drug Makers, So You Buy Their Fake Nutrients, Is That Your Body Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Synthetic And Organic!

If you wouldn’t eat synthetic food, then why eat synthetic nutrients, which technically are not nutrients at all, but the plastic version of the real thing?

It’s Like Calling A Robot A Human Or A Human A Robot.

Obviously, every comparison between inorganic and organic would result in the same conclusion — one is real and one is fake, right? So again, why wouldn’t you conclude this for something as important as your probiotics? If everyone stopped buying synthetic or isolated anything, then millions of guts would finally start healing and you could finally start living longer and stronger, without pain.

So, Where Can You Find Truly Healthy Whole Food Probiotics That Are Actually Inside Probiotic-Rich Food?

Not at your local health food store, that’s for sure, because food healthy enough to actually provide your gut real, healthy, whole food probiotics, are hard to find nowadays actually and far too expensive to grow for the masses here, especially with the little bit of soil that is left here that can actually grow it.

The process to extend shelf-life for everything from shelf products to raw vegetables, destroys probiotics immediately, so unless you have your own garden and can grow enough in soil that you confirmed is absolutely 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free, the odds of you ever being able to get enough really healthy whole food probiotics into your gut daily, is slim to none.

I of course do know where to find this very special probiotic-rich food that is very much in short supply, even though it can provide you more real probiotics than all the isolated or synthetic probiotic products sold anywhere. And once you start eating this powerfully dense probiotic-rich food every day, you can expect incredible improvement like you never thought possible. This is what you’ve wanted for for so long and now you can finally receive all the benefits only truly healthy probiotics can give you.

Then once you stop buying anything isolated or synthetic, that’s the day your health finally starts changing forever!

But hey, I get it, you don’t want to stop your favorite vitamins, supplements or probiotic brands, so why not just eat this for your breakfast every day and see what benefits await you. Who knows..you just might decide to never buy anything else ever again!