Energy drinks are great for a quick boost. But, not all are created equally – and with so many around, which is the best for you? While everyone is different, some energy drinks are simply better than others. Below are the best energy drinks on the market for cyclists.

High 5 Energy Source

This contains two sources of carbohydrate in a 2:1 ratio, following the theory that your body can process significantly more carbohydrate if it comes from multiple sources. Each sachet easily mixes into 500ml of water and provides a hefty 45g of carbohydrate. It’s a little thick but perfectly drinkable. The mellow fruit taste makes it a welcome treat when you’re feeling groggy from long miles.

GU Brew

You can taste real fruit, but it also has a mellow and vaguely milky consistency that’s great during hot, sweaty rides when you feel ropey. It comes in single-serving sachets, with a good range of flavors. Each one contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium to help you stay hydrated, and a 2:1 mix of maltodextrin and fructose. A 60g serving contains 53g of carbohydrate when mixed into 473ml (16oz) of water. The flavour alone will boost flagging spirits.

Torq Energy

With no coloring, artificial flavorings or sweeteners, Torq Energy has a light, clean taste that leaves a slight salty aftertaste on your tongue. It comes in a basic tub with a scoop, and within a couple of shakes it dissolves into a clear drink. It also has a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to increase energy absorption, and five different electrolytes to boost hydration. At the standard dosage it’ll give you 30g of carbohydrate per 500ml drink.

Powerbar IsoActive

IsoActive contains 29g of carbohydrate per 33g serving and comes with a nifty long-handled scoop that makes it easy to measure and pour. It mixes up within a few shakes, leaving no powdery bits or residue, to create a pleasant (if not delicious) drink with five electrolytes. It also contains two types of carbohydrate (glucose and fructose). Research indicates that when these carbohydrates are consumed in a 2:1 ratio they increase your energy uptake.

Gatorade Perform

A bottle of Perform is just the ticket if you’re riding on a hot day. The orange flavor has a natural-tasting, sweet orange kick, with a vaguely salty aftertaste. If you’re racing at a high intensity for several hours the sugary taste can be too much, but otherwise it provides a welcome energy boost the second it hits your tongue. The plastic tub is a handy size but it requires you to measure out the powder in its lid, which then makes it tricky to pour the powder into your bottle. That aside, it mixed easily to give a great tasting, thirst quenching sports beverage.