One of the best workouts you can get a from a bicycle. One of the best scenic opportunities you can have is also via a bicycle. You can combine the two for a scenic, killer workout. While this is great, a long trek is vastly different than just a few turns around the block. Below are the best tips to help you get through your long cycling trek with ease.

Be A Smart Pedaler

By maintaining a cadence of at least 90 rpm, you give your aerobic and muscular systems a break. Think of lifting a 20-pound bench press 10 times instead of one rep of 200: You lift the same amount but with less overall effort.

Eat Food. Drink Water.

Duh, right? Well, we often lose track of time on long cycling treks, and it can become dangerous if you become weak and dehydrated. Aim to drink about one bottle per hour, depending on heat and exertion level. Don’t worry so much about what you mix with the water; the water is what’s most important. So rejoice, Crystal Light lovers! Eat a bite or two of food every 15 minutes—consistency over the day is crucial. A protein bar in your pocket is usually the quickest bet for you.

Divide & Conquer

Divide the ride into three more or less equal distances. The first segment should feel easy, just spinning along. During the second, you should start to feel your muscles working. If you have any jam left, show it in the last third.

The Wind Is Your Fair-Weather Friend

It can be friend or enemy. If you start with a tailwind, roll easy—you’ll have a headwind on the way home. In a group, stick together during headwind stretches so you can take turns at the front working to shelter the others.

Plan Ahead For Trouble

It’s likely your ride will be smooth sailing, but just in case carry emergency gear to fix at least two flats, a mini tool, cell phone, ID and cash. Carry cash and your ID in your shoe, to keep them most secure. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable at first, but it is your safest bet.