While step trackers are gaining momentum, the hidden feature of these devices is gaining press attention. The sleep tracking abilities of many step trackers is something that many love, but some question the accuracy of their readings. From smartphone apps, to wrist-worn devices, there are many gadgets that claim to measure your sleep, but are any worth investing in? Some of the best may surprise you, as they do not involve one of the much talked about wearable devices.

Withings Aura


This space-age looking gadget is one of the top-rated devices as it gauges sleep most accurately. You do not wear the Aura, but rather place the large pad under the mattress, under where you typically sleep. The pad sends signals to the large, space-age lamp device that collects your sleep data and sends it to their downloaded iPhone or Android app. This device is great for those with insomnia and restless sleep patterns. The downside is the price: a whopping $300.

Beddit Smart 2.0


Another device that involves a mat (but this time under your fitted sheet), Beddit Smart 2.0 is similar to Aura, but at half the price. Beddit Smart 2.0 detects everything from your breathing pattern to your heart rate. The downside to this device is that your smartphone must be within Bluetooth reach – and for many homes this means that it must be right beside your bed.



Slip is a device that clips to your pillow, to detect your movement during the night. Reviews are mixed for slip, because some of us who move throughout the night, regardless if we are restful or restless. The coolest thing about Slip is its base, which offers ambient lighting for relaxation. The price for Slip is 129.

Jawbone Up3


A device that I wanted to love, but alas, it never would sync with my Android phone. Jawbone’s take on a sleep tracker is wearable, and can detect everything from heart rate to sleep movements, and even body temperature. This tracker averages about $130. The best part about the Jawbone Up3 is that it has a better rating at detecting different types of sleep, from light to restless, and even deep sleep.



SleepRate is unique because it works off of your smartphone, recording noises with its microphone and SleepRate’s chest strap monitor. This may seem like an extreme measure to go to, but for those in need of sleep answers, it gets rave reviews. You only use the app and chest strap for five nights, and then the data is downloaded and sent to the company to give you a personalized sleep recommendation. The going price for SleepRate is $99.99.