Wanna do some traveling, or perhaps you want to relocate to a better environment? Well, one thing that many consider is the health of the citizens of a destination. While we in the US are not the healthiest, other countries are luckier thanks to fresher food and stricter regulations. If you are looking for a healthier country, you’ve come to the right website. Below is a list of the healthiest countries in the world – as well as their secrets to staying healthy.



The French know all about food – and that’s one of the biggest secrets to their healthiness. While French food is indulgent, it is served in smaller portions that elsewhere in the world. So, you can indulge in moderation and stay fit. Also, the French has a higher percentage of walking and public transportation usage which is commonly associated with areas who have fitter residents. Lastly, the red wine consumption is high per capita – which studies have shown leads to better heart health.



The key to Italy’s healthiness comes in its Omega-3 rich diets. Mediterranean diets are making a big buzz these days, and for good reason: The Omega-3 rich diets are known to help those who are overweight lose weight, and it keeps the heart healthy.



A fish-rich country, Australia’s residents are healthier thanks to their high Omega-3 and high protein, low fat food consumption. Australia is also a hiker’s paradise, which adds to the fitness of its residents. For those who are not big on hiking, Australia is a huge island without any connecting land, so the entire country’s coastline makes for a nice breach setting. It’s secluded nature also helps in the affordability of local and fresh foods, while making imported junk food more expensive. People typically by cheaper food when they can, so this helps keep Aussies among the healthiest in the world.



This mountain paradise has a bevy of outdoor activities for all seasons to keep its residents active. As far as food, the Swiss have a wide variety of fresh foods, as well as local-made sweets. But, imported junk foods are often banned due to certain dyes and artificial ingredients that the government considers dangerous, so this limits choices.



Where, you ask? Andorra is a small country snuggled between Spain and France, which gives it a good share of French and Spanish influence. The main dietary influence is Mediterranean, which helps load locals up with heart-healthy Omega-3’s. The mountainous region is great for outdoorsy types, so the fitness level of locals is often inferior to other nations.



One of the top-rated healthiest countries year after year – and for good reason. Tough regulations on food and air quality have helped make Singapore a shining jewel in Asia. Singapore citizens are taught from an early age that “healthy means wealth”, so the average life expectancy age of 84 is expected. This Omega-3 rich country has some of the best cuisine on Earth – and the healthy atmosphere to enjoy it in.