Whether you are on a date or just hanging out with friends, a movie is a great way to chill out. Be it a romance or horror flick, a movie can lead to you to have a good time, but one thing tends to get in the way: Movie theater snacks. Everyone loves movie theater popcorn and a ton of liquid butter, but it is terrible for us! Most movie theater snacks seem terrible, but there are some that are better than others. Since most theaters frown upon sneaking in snacks (I’m not gonna lie; I did this as a teenager), knowing the best options to keep your calorie count down beforehand is the best way to keep your stomach satisfied and your diet happy. Some of the best movie theater snacks for dieters and health-watchers are listed below.



Simple as this: Water. While mega Coca-Cola’s may be everywhere, they can cost you upwards of 700 calories – which is not a good choice. Calorie-free water is great, and if you want an extra kick bring a packet of Crystal Light with you to add flavor.

Popcorn – With a Catch


The catch is that it is a small size without any butter. Sigh. I know, it’s boring, but if your heart is set on popcorn this is the best way to go. The calories average around 250 calories per bag, which isn’t great, but when you consider that a large with butter averages 1,200 calories, it seems like a steal.

Soft Pretzel – Without Cheese


Pretzels are a good and filling snack, thanks to the fiber and protein in the flour, and they can be okay calorie-wise. Without cheese sauce, they average 450 calories, which is high, but considering that it can keep you full throughout the movie and thereafter, it isn’t too terrible. What is terrible is that “with cheese” calorie count, with an average of 650 per pretzel. Also, ask for “light salt” if you are sodium-sensitive.


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In need of a chocolate fix? Sno-Caps are you best option. These little chocolate candies can fix your sugar cravings for only 180 calories for half a box – so share so you don’t get carried away! While this seems like a lot of calories for such little food – and it is – it is better than other chocolate options.

Butterfinger Minis

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Need a protein kick, but also something sweet? Butterfinger Minis are your answer. With 5 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber, these peanut-buttery-good candies can help satisfy any sweet tooth. A full box has 450 calories – which is a lot – so split it up or save some for later. While some will frown at the calorie count, there are worse options in the peanut butter candy category. For example, a box of Reece’s Pieces has 600 calories per box – and each box has three servings – but who is going to count out tiny round candies in a dark theater?