Cycling gloves are not a trend, but rather a necessity. Whether you are a newbie or  lifelong cyclist, you need to invest in a pair of cycling gloves. But not all cycling gloves are great – as we all know – but the latest on the market are some of the best in years. Below are the top 5 best cycling gloves that are currently available on the market.

Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Touchscreen Gloves

Made from 100% high-quality nylon talon fabric, neoprene, and PU with EVA padding, these are some of the most comfortable cycling gloves out there. Thanks to their triple insulated fabric, they are entirely waterproof, windproof, warm, and fast drying. Their design features an easy entry opening with cuff, anti-slip patches for better grip, and a detailed embroidery for a more trendy look.

Pearl Izumi Elite Gloves

These gloves have a hook & loop closure system with a soft low-profile wiping surface on the thumb. This makes them extremely easy to put on and quite practical at the same time. They also have an easy-off glove removal tab and a gel padding that stretches over the Ulnar and Median nerves for better comfort. Also, the synthetic leather they are made from is soft and durable, while their nylon, polyester, and polyurethane composition makes them windproof.

InBike 5mm Gel-Pad Gloves

Thanks to their 5mm GEL palm pads, these gloves provide you with a buffer layer to easy palm fatigue when riding the bike. They also offer slip-proof performances due to their superfine fabric palms. On the backside, they have a mesh cloth that allows a speedy sweat release, providing you a cooling experience at the same time. Furthermore, their thump cherry cloth helps you wipe sweat while their velcro design allows you to take them off easily when needed.

Serfas Men’s RX Gloves

These gloves are designed to increase blood flow and eliminate the finger numbness you might experience when riding the bike for long periods of time. They are built in a way that relieves the pressure on the Ulnar nerves, a pressure that causes handlebar palsy, aka Ulnar nerve damage. With the RX Gloves, all the pressure goes to the area of the palm that you usually use when holding heavy things, thus easing the pressure on the nerves.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Gloves

Made with synthetic leather palms that are soft and durable by design, these gloves aren’t likely to cause any palm stress usually related to wearing cycling gloves. This is because of their gel-foam padding that relieves pressure on the nerves while providing great comfort and grip at the same time. They also have a soft, low-profile wiping surface on the thumb for convenience and a hook & loop closure system to help you put them on easier.