Every athlete needs the right set of supplements to succeed. There are many on the market – all directed at different things? Cyclists are no different than other athletes who are trying to figure out what they need – and what they do not need. Below are the top supplements cyclists need in their bodies to be more successful.


Everyone – cyclist or not – needs a good multi-vitamin in their life. Whether you take a vitamin once or twice daily really doesn’t matter, but make sure that you take one that has your daily recommended amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, D – and minerals such as copper, iron, and magnesium.

Fish Oil

If you eat salmon or another fatty fish 2-3 times weekly, you can forgo a fish oil supplement. The rest of us need to take one, to ensure that our bodies are getting the essential fatty acids needed for health tissue and brain function. While the taste can be, well, fishy, it is worth choking down. Or, try to find a supplement with a flavoring. Many brands offer a lemon-flavored fish oil supplement.

Whey Protein

Not just for weight lifters anymore! Whey protein and help you keep slim and trim – and the high protein content can keep you cycling longer. It is also fast-absorbing and high in amino acids to help energize your body. Be sure to check the labels, as many contain added sugars for flavoring.

Caffeine – Maybe

Okay, so caffeine pills are not something that you should rely on to get through your ride, but sometimes caffeine can help you stay steady. We all know that one person who cannot function without coffee in the morning, and caffeine isn’t just a habit for them – but rather an actual energizer.¬†Caffeine has been shown to increase the time it takes for an athlete to reach exhaustion, and also the perceived rate of exhaustion, meaning you can ride longer and feel better doing so. While there is a lot of evidence championing caffeine’s cause, it must be noted that there are several studies which suggest it has no real benefit, and in some cases no specific benefits to cyclists. Can it help? Perhaps – but if you are caffeine-sensitive steer clear, as it just isn’t worth the risk.


Not something that you would typically think of when you are thinking of supplements, electrolyte drinks and drink powders are great to help your body recover after a heavy cycling trek. You can get a designer powder, or simply Pedialyte Рwhich is geared towards children, but can help a dehydrated or sick adult, too.