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Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Jr. ND

Dr. Joseph PizzornoDr. Pizzorno is one of the world’s leading authorities on science-based natural medicine. Dr. Pizzorno is the founding president of Bastyr University, which became the first fully accredited, multidisciplinary university of natural medicine and the first school of its kind to receive research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Sinus Health

Dr. Rob “Rav” Ivker. Author of 4 editions of the best-selling Sinus rob-ivkerSurvival book and 6 other books. Co-founder of ABIHM (American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine). Past President of AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association), Founder of Fully Alive Medicine, lecturer, educator, and health visionary.

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Gut, Gluten and Celiac:

Dr. Tom O'BrienDr. Tom O’Brien. A leader and health visionary bringing Gluten Solutions never before available.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines.

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Elimination Diet:

Tom MalterreTom Malterre has become an expert in nutrition and developed The Elimination Diet Support Program, A Proven Program for Restoring Health!

Heal your gut, gain energy, and improve your mood with an Elimination Diet!

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WomDr. Mache Seibelen’s Health & Menopause:

Dr. Seibel is the leading expert on menopause and women’s health. His new best-selling book, The Estrogen Window, which is the Ultimate Guide to Discovering What Every Woman Over 40 Needs to Know!

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Integrative Cancer Answers:

Dr. Nalini ChilkovDr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Founder, Integrative Cancer Answers

Dr. Nalini is a leading edge authority on Integrative Cancer Care, Immune Enhancement, Optimal Nutrition and Wellness Medicine.

For over thirty years, Dr. Nalini has helped thousands of people; many with serious and chronic illnesses, achieve and maintain extraordinary health and longevity. She is sought out by award-winning Hollywood celebrities and insiders.

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Meditation & Yoga: Mark Naseck:

Mark NaseckMark is a meditation instructor, Yogi, Shaman, and chi gong instructor, as well as a gourmet live food chef, certified flower essence practitioner, Reiki master, and a well-known healer. Internationally known lecturer, practitioner, and teacher in the Holistic Healing Arts featured on television, radio and newspaper nationally and globally. He is frequently featured on world health tele-summits.

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Mind-Body Medicine – Mental and Emotional Health: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Low-Energy:

Dr. Kim D'EramoDr. Kim D’Eramo: Author of Best-Selling, The MindBody Toolkit, featured on Fox, CBS, NBC…, has an on-line program to follow and phone consultations.

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Work-outs for the Brain: Personal Growth and Personal Development:

Darren StephensDarren Stephens: Internationally Acclaimed Brain Power, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, World’s Fastest Hypnotist, Publisher and Global Business Development.

Darren has taught internationally, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 27 countries on how to create business, personal and ‑ financial success through positive mental reinforcement. He is often on stage in front of audiences of 10,000 people who are engaged in his unique presentation style and charismatic delivery.

Darren is a Board certified Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer and is qualified in Design Human Engineering & Time Line Therapy. He’s also been recognized as one of the World’s Fastest Hypnotists. Darren is a Board Member of The International Institute of Hypnosis self-development and accelerated psychological transformation and the Co-founder of The International Achievement Institute.

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Oriental Medicine: Pain and HealingDr. Robyn Benson

Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM: is the founder of Santa Fe Soul and the Self-Care Revolution.

Dr. Benson published the successful book called, The Healthy Conscious Traveler, following this health summit, and the Book and DVD of the summit are still available and would be valuable for anyone who finds themselves in airports, in new cities and various countries.

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cyclingCycling Strong Bart Miller

I created Cycling Strong as a virtual “hang out” for cyclists! I am crazy passionate about cycling and wanted to build a community where everyone could be friends, start groups, and share photos and encouragement with each other.

As for me, I cycle day in and day out, but I’m no pro and don’t claim to be one. Just someone who loves to pick a challenge (one per year) and train hard for it. I’ll share with you what I find along the way in terms of what I learn on my rides, who I ride with and what advice they give me, as well as some gear reviews to help you save time and money.

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