Summer is over. While winter is not here yet, the weather is starting to get cooler. If you enjoy cycling, then you should not let the cold weather stop you. There are some things you can do to stay warm and get the most out of the exercise. When getting ready for a winter ride, a good rule of thumb is to begin by being a tad bit cold. The reason for this is because after 10 minutes of riding you will warm up. You do not want to overdress; overheating is uncomfortable.

The Technique of Layering

The primary purpose of wearing different layers of clothes is so that you trap air inside the layers of insulation to hold in heat. For the layer next to your skin, wear a polyester-based wicking material that is lightweight. There are some high-performance, high-quality fabrics designed particularly for cyclists. This segment of clothing will keep moisture away from your skin. Your inside material will be dry, as well as your skin and heat will not evaporate.

Next, you want to have a breathable fabric. This layer will help you stay warmer longer when if it has thermal capabilities. Again, polyester is an excellent material to wear because it will retain warmth. The outer layer should be a wind blocker and thermal barrier. As you may or may not know, the wind chill increases as you cycle through the cold air. An outer garment made of nylon provides great protection. Additionally, if you do not wear a windbreaker, inserting newspaper in the front and back will act as an insulator.


A significant amount of blood circulates through the head. Approximately, 30 percent of your body’s heat escapes through this area. You can use different levels of headwear depending on how cold it is on a particular day. A synthetic skull cap is suitable as a lightweight option, and wearing ear warmers or ear bands are excellent as well.

As winter approaches, be sure to stay warm. You can find more winter-cycling tips here.