Are you ready for cycling training like the pros? What do the pros eat when training for a big event? When training for a cycling event, the pros make sure they take in proper nutrients and energy. If you want to train like a pro, check out the following advice.

As a cyclist, you will find yourself craving more food to keep up with your training needs. You are working off hundreds of calories during a training session, so you will find your body starving for food to replenish your energy stores. If you aren’t careful, those cravings will catch up with you and cause weight gain by eating at the wrong time or the wrong types of foods.

Cycling Training

The more you exercise; the higher your energy consumption will be. When hunger hits, should you fall for the cravings or stick to a meal schedule? Let’s discuss your options for eating while cycle training.

Eat After Cycling

The pros feel that the most important thing you can do right after training is eating. Eating right after your training will decrease your recovery time, replenish your energy supply, and support your training needs. By eating right after cycling, you will be less likely to have cravings and subsequently overeat later in the day. How many times do you training during the day? No matter how many times you train, you need to be refueling.

Eat Before Cycling

Before you begin your cycling training, you need to eat to provide the proper amount of nutrition and energy. However, if you’ve eaten within the last 2 or 3 hours, then you don’t need to eat again. the best choice for a before ride snack is a carbohydrate. Don’t eat too much before you begin your training or event. If you eat too much, you will become bloated or have a stomachache. Bloating and stomach issue while cycling is uncomfortable.

Eating While Cycling

If you are going on a long ride, you will need to take along a snack. It is recommended that you eat 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour while cycling. Pack a carbohydrate dense snack. If you are concerned about foods spoiling during the ride, then a drink or an energy gel pack will work.

Proper Diet for a Cyclist

When meal planning, what should you eat? According to the pros, the rule of thirds will help you with this question. You should have your plate divided into 1/3 energy foods, 1/3 health foods, and 1/3 function foods. It is okay to include good fats in your food groups as they are needed for proper functioning.

In Conclusion

As a cyclist, you want to train like the pros. Having proper eating habits will help you achieve your goal. It is important to not give in to your cravings. Instead, get ahead of your cravings by eating the right foods at the right time.