As an avid cyclist, you likely want to know how the pros do it. You want to emulate their training schedule and reach the optimal level of racing competitiveness at just the right time. In the past, you might have been told to spend hours cycling to be in the best shape. While cycling daily is important, excessive cycling can lead to your body breaking down, injury, and not being in the best physical shape possible for the big one. So, what should you do to train like a pro cyclist?

The Big One

A pro-cyclist will begin the cycling season by selecting the most important race event of the year. What is your “big one”? if there is a specific race that means the most to you for the year, you need to get that one on your calendar and train around it. For example, if your goal race is in the last week of June, you would not want to schedule another large cycling event the first week of June. To be in top performance shape, your body needs time to heal between events.

Other Races

After determining the “big one” you want to rock, review the rest of your year and pencil in the other races that you want to participate in. By penciling them in, you have room to move your schedule around if you are ill, an emergency comes up, or you hear about an event that you would rather attend. Remember, don’t put any challenging ones around your main goal race.

Your Team

A pro-cyclist will have a trainer that helps them prepare for races and set up their training schedule. Their trainers keep them focused on proper meal choices, weight maintenance, and training requirements. Having a trainer helps you avoid overindulging during the offseason. It is easy when you live in a cold climate to fall back a little when riding temperatures are not optimal. If you don’t feel that getting a trainer is right for you, then find another cyclist to be an accountability partner. That additional support will help keep you focused on your goals and the “big one”.

In Conclusion, Train Like a Pro Cyclist

As an avid cyclist, you will want to follow in the footsteps of the pros. One of the most important steps to train like a pro cyclist is to select the most important race for the racing season. Get out your pen and write down your “big one”.