Are you wanting to boost your metabolism? When attempting to drop the extra pounds during the holidays, you may want to give your metabolism a boost. If your significant other can drop pounds, but you can’t or if you are constantly blaming your dad for why you can’t lose weight, it might be because of the foods you are eating. Yes, there are foods to boost your metabolism.

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

When you go to the grocery store, where do you find the foods that can help boost your metabolism? You won’t find them in the packaged and processed foods sections. Or, in the candy aisle. The foods that boost your metabolism are found in the outside aisle of the grocery. Let’s explore what foods can help you drop those extra pounds fast.


Your body is made up primarily of water. As a matter of fact, your muscles are made up of 75% of water and your blood is 83% water. If you aren’t staying hydrated, your body is not working at an optimal level. You need 8 glasses of water per day to improve energy, increase mental and physical performance, aid in proper digestion, and drop those stubborn pounds.


The next food to boost your metabolism is oatmeal. This is not the oatmeal in the packets that come pre-sugared with cinnamon and apples. The oatmeal that will boost your metabolism is slow cooked, rolled oats. While these oats will take you more than a minute in the microwave to prepare, the benefits will be outweighing those extra preparation minutes. Why is oatmeal so good for you? Oatmeal is made up of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber may reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol and slow down the absorption of starches which reduces sharp spikes in blood sugar. Insoluble fiber has cancer-fighting properties to attack certain bile acids and can reduce their toxicity levels.


Another of the foods to boost your metabolism is blueberries. Blueberries are antioxidants. Your body needs antioxidants to stop free radicals from damaging the cells in your body. Where do these free radicals come from? These free radicals are the result of oxidation that can inhibit muscle growth, fat loss, and can even result in disease.

Whey Protein

For those who are into weight training, they already know the benefits of a protein supplement. Whey protein is one of the best types of protein supplements. With whey protein, you get the best combination of amino acid for optimal protein building. In addition, whey protein can help build your immune system. Not to mention, consistent whey protein intake in conjunction with weight training can increase muscle building and aid in fat loss.


The last of the foods that boost your metabolism is spinach. Spinach is a dark, green leafy vegetable that provides more nutrients than any other food. What nutrients are in spinach? Spinach contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin K, folate, calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin C to name a few.

In Conclusion

When weight training or attempting to drop extra pounds, you need to boost your metabolism. By incorporating the above foods into your diet, you can take advantage of your exercise routine.