As Valentine’s Day is smack in the middle of winter, the cyclist in you may be suffering from the winter blues. Are you in a warmer climate? Good for you. Those in the upper states are ready to get rolling. Do you have a gift selected for your partner? Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Do you already have a gift selected for your partner? Does your honey love cycling as much as you do? If so, giving a cycling related gift will give you a couple of extra brownie points.

In case you don’t realize it, there are many ideas for your partner to get you both in the mood; the mood for cycling.

Gym Cycling Class

Yes, cycling indoors is nothing like cycling outdoors. However, if you’ve spent the last few months overindulging in holiday and winter food stuffing. What can you do? Purchase a dual gym cycling classes can be a great idea to say, “I love you”. Don’t get them for your partner and not you as well. That screams of, “You’re getting pudgy”, not “I love you.” In addition, by going to dual cycling classes, you are together. Significant others love that togetherness stuff. Lastly, you can get your bum ready for the upcoming cycling season.

Peloton Stationary Bike and Online Classes

Don’t like heading to the gym? Then consider purchasing a stationary bike. Not any old stationary bike, a Peloton Stationary Bike. This bike is awesome. Not only is it a fly wheel-style fitness studio bike, it also comes with a large HD screen mounted above the handlebars. By subscribing to online classes, you can participate remotely with their class in New York City.

Butterfield and Robinson Bike Trips

Are you looking for something a little more romantic? If you are, why don’t you consider a bike trip? Butterfield and Robinson have been designing bike tours for over 50 years. Their trips can be of different lengths and experience levels. In addition, you can combine the riding with other pursuits. Why not ad a romantic bed and breakfast into the mix.


Newly dating? If you are new to the dating game, you might not be ready for a couples cycling or a coupling retreat. However, there are numerous ideas for cute cycling trinkets. Why not get a personalized mug, an art piece, jewelry, or even a keychain? There are hundreds of trinkets available online. On the other hand, there isn’t much time…hurry up.

Cycling Clothes

No to all the above? Then head to your favorite cycling shop and grab some gear. Put together a gift bag of the essentials. Your partner will love it; especially if you give them something that speaks of comfort or safety. Better yet, choose both. Comfort and safety items show that you love the person.

In Conclusion

With Valentine’s Day getting closer, you need to consider what you are getting your partner. Don’t get your partner some stale chocolate and a fake, plastic rose. Instead, consider what will give you the opportunity to express how you feel and enjoy your love of cycling at the same time.