Being that our skin is the absolute largest organ on our bodies; it is important that we know what we are rubbing into it; right?

Skin is so wonderful. It pigments itself, repairs itself, moisturizes itself and even has a sort of security system (called a rash) when invaders try to permeate it. For the most part, our skin is a sort of armor and since it regenerates; you don’t really HAVE to do anything for it.

Yet, exposure to the elements; wind, rain, snow, heat and cold combined with exposure to allergens such as animal hair, grass, leaves and pollen can leave skin dry, irritated and cracked.

Skin will also tell a lot about a person’s overall health. Hives, and itching may signal an allergic reaction, a bacterial skin infection, a viral infection, or an autoimmune disease.

So we have all of these products on the market for slathering on ourselves to cure inflammation, chaffing, cracks, redness, dryness, wrinkles, lines and dark spots. Not to mention the pure enjoyment of massaging a deliciously scented lotion over skin to create a healthy, glowing look with a lasting scent.

However; we really don’t want to be happily rubbing chemicals into our precious skin cells.

A friend of mine let me on to a line of skin care products that are vegan. Posh is a wonderful line for men and women and it contains all natural ingredients. With fun names for their products like “gender bender” and “the stripper”; posh is a reasonably priced line of products that does not contain harsh chemical ingredients and does not test products on animals.

I was excited to find a vast array of soaps, lip balms, lotions and creams for all of my families’ skincare needs. Posh also has an awesome business model much like that of Avon or Mary Kay, wherein people go into eachother’s homes and hold posh parties for all of your vegan skincare wants and needs.

Posh products have the ingredients for each and every product listed on the website in such a user friendly way that makes you feel more confident that this company has nothing to hide.