There are many health benefits of ginger. Luckily, ginger tastes good in many different recipes from main dishes to desserts. Where does ginger come from? Ginger is a flowering plant. It’s root or rhizome is the portion of the plant that is widely used as a spice or medical remedy. Ginger originated in the tropical rainforests of Southern Asia. It has been used for centuries as a supplement for medical ailments. Ginger can either be used ground up or as a root. How can ginger help you as a home remedy?

Upset Stomach

Ginger has been found to help relieve an upset stomach. Whether you are nauseous, queasy, or suffering from morning sickness, ginger can help relieve your upset stomach.


Not only can ginger help relieve an upset stomach, you can also use ginger to help cure a stomach ulcer. If you are struggling with GERD and/or stomach ulcers, add ginger to your diet and help ease your pain.


In addition, ginger has been discovered to help prevent different cancers including ovarian and colon cancer. Including ginger as part of your daily diet would be advised if you have a family history of these types of cancers.

Strengthens Immunity

By including ginger in your diet, your immunity can be strengthened to help ward off colds, intestinal bugs, and sore throats. In addition, ginger can also decrease bad bacteria in your digestive tract.

Maintains Normal Blood Circulation

Another health benefit of ginger is that it helps with blood flow. Ginger has been discovered to assist in the circulation of blood. In addition, ginger can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Improve Nutrient Absorption

In addition, Your food travels through your body from your mouth and through the digestive tract. There are times that your food travels too fast or too slow and does not properly provide your body with what it needs. If your body is not absorbing nutrients correctly, ginger can help improve your body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

In Conclusion

Ginger not only adds a distinct taste to your food, it can provide you with many health benefits as well. Try adding a couple of teaspoons per day to your diet.